In this episode AJ and I spend some coronavirus quarantine time talking about the issue of today, Galaxy's Edge, and The Rocketeer. 

In this episode, famed voice actor, AJ Locascio, Prince Lotor of Netflix's popular Voltron series and Marty McFly from Telltale Games' Back to the Future, joins me as we wax philosophic about Walt Disney World, the Great Movie Ride, Disney voice actors and more.

An unreleased episode from the vault that discusses all the things guests do to annoy cast members, whether the guests realize it or not. Are you guilty of any of these infractions?

To celebrate the closing of The Great Movie Ride, I and some incredibly dear fellow Movie Rider friends, sit around the fire and discuss the old days. We talk about the College Program, tell stories of our Movie Ride days, and relive the celebrations surrounding the closing of The Great Movie Ride on August 13, 2017. Starring: Justin Stone, Matt Bishop, Jen Sampson, Susan Bryan and Tamara Stanfill.

This episode brings you my thoughts on the news coming out of the Parks & Resorts panel at the 2017 D23 Expo. I give a perspective on Star Wars Land, Pixar, Mickey Mouse, Transportation and all the other news. 

In this episode, I take to you to one of my favorite race weekends, the Wine & Dine Half Marathon at Walt Disney World. This year saw a different weekend entirely. New races, new courses and new up sell opportunities. I also talk about the Beach Club, the Studios and toilet paper? 

This episode takes you to my home from when I'm away from home. From '96-'02, The Great Movie Ride was where I learned to spiel, shoot a gun and have the time of my life. Many more GMR episodes to come, but make sure to check out this one to set it all up!

In this episode, I relive the awesomeness that was the Disney MGM Studios. This glimpse into my favorite park really set the stage for the mainstay of my Walt Disney World career. While not specific to The Great Movie Ride, those stories are on deck, only needing a setup to why I loved the Studios so much. 

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