In this episode I talk about what it's like to to work at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Florida over the holidays. Spoiler alert! It's awesome. 

In this episode AJ and I spend some coronavirus quarantine time talking about the issue of today, Galaxy's Edge, and The Rocketeer. 

In this episode, famed voice actor, AJ Locascio, Prince Lotor of Netflix's popular Voltron series and Marty McFly from Telltale Games' Back to the Future, joins me as we wax philosophic about Walt Disney World, the Great Movie Ride, Disney voice actors and more.

An unreleased episode from the vault that discusses all the things guests do to annoy cast members, whether the guests realize it or not. Are you guilty of any of these infractions?

This episode brings you my thoughts on the news coming out of the Parks & Resorts panel at the 2017 D23 Expo. I give a perspective on Star Wars Land, Pixar, Mickey Mouse, Transportation and all the other news. 

In this episode, I celebrate the Halloween season by taking you on some secrets of Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion I learned when taking a cast member's walking tour of the attraction. Some of the chapters in this episode deal with possibly the original story of Master Gracey, backstage secrets and some background on the effects. Check out WDW Tales on Instagram for some backstage pics of me and my friends messing around in the show scenes. 


In this episode, I relive the awesomeness that was the Disney MGM Studios. This glimpse into my favorite park really set the stage for the mainstay of my Walt Disney World career. While not specific to The Great Movie Ride, those stories are on deck, only needing a setup to why I loved the Studios so much. 

As Walt Disney World celebrates its 45th anniversary, I look back at the crazy experiences I would enjoy with my family on our family trips to the Vacation Kingdom. Whether, it was getting stuck in strollers, being ditched for Space Mountain, or fleeing from the rainstorm of seagull poop, every story was memorable. Hope you enjoy!

In this episode, we talk a little more about the secret labyrinth that lies beneath the Magic Kingdom. Also, I become an inaugural Magic Kingdom SuperGreeter and take some guests on a harrowing experience on Space Mountain. This wouldn't be my last time super greeting the guests, but that's for another day.

In the debut episode of WDW Tales, I go back to where it all began, the Magic Kingdom. In this episode we'll talk about the "Disney Way," Utilidors and hawking some sweet Adventureland merchandise. Little did I know, this would start an amazing eight year adventure at the Vacation Kingdom. 

CORRECTION: In this episode I mistakingly mention Disneyland has Utilidors, but in actuality I meant to say Disney World. 

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